[Important rules]

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[Important rules]

Post by Jumper on Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:23 pm

These rules must be respected by all members of the clan without an exception

Application proccess

Application proccess takes from one to two weeks. There are a two main rules which should be followed.

1. Applicant should stay active during the application.

2. To get into our team, applicant must get 100% yes. Otherwise he cannot join.


Every member of our clan should use our clan-tag. No matter which name you're using you should always show others that you are in our clan.

1. Each member must have our clan-tag in his name.

Not allowed things

Cheating, offensive language, clan faking are not tolerated in our clan. These are the following punishments

1. If a player getting caught in cheating - he will be immideately kicked and banned from our clan without a discussion.

2. A faker of our or any other clan gets warned or banned from our servers.

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