Our clan roster

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Our clan roster

Post by Jumper on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:23 pm


Jumper is a founder of our clan. He is known for a great flagrunning and tactic. He can beat almost every single flagrun record on any map. It's not a problem for him to fool an enemy. He is a 14 years old guy from Russia, Moscow but currently he lives in Serbia, Novi Sad. He is playing since the beggining of 2010. He likes music, video editing and programming. He wants to be a game developer.


Boomerang is a second founder of HD. Boomerang hosted our servers and mumble channel. He is a pretty nice and friendly guy with a good manners. He is a polyglot. Boomerang is 20, he had born in Belgium, but he also knows french. He moved to UK to study. He knows multiple programming languages such as C#, C++ and Assembler. He's job is internship.


Rambospain is a 38 years old man from Spain. His English skills are awful but he is very nice and funny guy. He loves talking much about cars, music and especially about "hot womans". He started playing in 2010 and already was in some known clans like "Impressive Squad". Everyone likes him a lot.


Qur is a 22 years old guy from France. Previously he was a member of RB team. At the moment he is a student on master's degree of genetic and cell evolution Surprised. He really likes rap and instrumental music and listening to it while playing. He is also a football fan, he practice and coach a team.


kiob is our member, a friend of Jumper. He was previously playing with him in his old clans. kiob is a pretty skilled player. His skills comes from CS:GO. He is a 21 years old guy from France. He prefers listening some nice music while playing.


KamiKaz is a 19 years old guy from France. He is a funny guy, he likes saying some jokes and smiles. He loves games like Counter-Strike and Sauerbraten. He had joined this game in Justice Edition. Also known as Khornettoh.


F1nal is a 19 years old guy from Germany. He previously was in CEA. He is going to university and sometimes he is pretty busy with studying. He like learning some useful trickjumps on a known maps. He is also training to become better in efficiency.


Morex also known as iSuck is playing since 2010. He's from US, Mexico and 15 years old. He is a friend of mine. He have been in a clans such as Dead, BT. Morex is a cool guy, he likes to chat a lot and just talk. He's very helpful on a clanwars. I believe he'll become a skilled member.

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